Piano Sensei Studio Challenges

10-Piece Challenge

  • Build up a playlist of at least 10 pieces
  • Gift card awards for those who complete the challenge!
  • More than 10 pieces? Great! Awards will also be given for the most pieces!
  • Be able to play all of them easily and fluently (memorization not required)
  • Record one video playing all of the pieces
  • Announce the title of each piece before you play it
  • Click the button below to submit your video
  • Complete anytime before May 1, 2021
  • View everyone’s videos on this page!

Current Entries:

100-Day Practice Challenge

  • Begins September 15, 2020
  • Use TeacherZone to log your practice
  • Minimum practice time starts at 5 minutes, but varies for each age/level (determined by your instructor)
  • Practice every day, for 100 consecutive days
  • Trophies for those who complete 100 days!
  • If you don’t get to 100 that’s okay, there are other awards along the way!
  • Your instructor will verify using your TeacherZone logs and you can keep track on this chart, too:

Away from a piano for a day or more? No problem! These things count as practicing:

  • Doing your theory workbook or worksheets
  • Mental practicing (follow along with your music and imagine playing piece or “air play”)
  • Listen to a recording of your piece on YouTube while you follow along on your music/book
  • Other activities approved by your instructor


4785 Eastern Ave

Cincinnati OH 45226

(513) 327-8770

Piano Sensei offers piano lessons to students in the Greater Cincinnati Area. We are conveniently located in the Mount Lookout/Linwood area and are close to Hyde Park, East Walnut Hills, Oakley, Mariemont, and Mount Washington.

We are not far from Northern Kentucky! We serve students in Newport, Covington, and Ft. Thomas.

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